Please keep in mind, when we make an offer we are buying to resell, so we can not give you the 'going price' for your gun. Feel free to email us with what you have, and we can give you an estimate, but we must see the gun before committing to purchasing it.

We also buy collections, including Antique / C&R, firearms. If you would like an appraisal, the normal cost is $25 per gun. $15 per gun for 10 or more firearms, however we need to see the gun(s) in person to give you the most accurate value. If you sell us your gun or collection, there is no appraisal fee.

As another option, you can consign your guns with us. Our normal fee is 20% after expenses (example: if your gun sells for $525, and the fees are $25, we would get 20% of $500. You would receive a reimbursement of $400 and our fee would be $100). If you have 5 or more guns that you want us to consign (minimum $500 value per gun), our fee drops to 15% per gun, after expenses. If you have a minimum that your want for your firearm (reserve), there is a fee of $10 if the gun doesn't sell.