We offer full-service repairs, upgrades, accessorizing and customization. We do not install barrels on hunting rifles due to head-spacing issues, we do not install after-market dovetail sights because most need to be fitted, and we do not do trigger filing to make the trigger lighter (we do install new triggers). We do however work with a number of gunsmiths who provide those services, so I'm fairly certain we can get the job done for you. Please use the email link to the left to inquire about gunsmithing services.

GUNSMITHING FEES - $50/hr with a $25 minimum.

                      $50 FOR LONG GUNS.


  1. MD Compliant Interbore Lock - $25 (excludes Rugers and handguns with integrated mechanical safety devices).
  2. Spent Shell Casings - $15 (not applicable if one is included, you purchased the pistol from us, or the pistol is used).
  3. Over 10 Round Magazine Pinning - $10 per Magazine (not applicable if you purchase the firearm from us).
  4. Muzzle Break or Flash Hider pinning and welding - $150 + the cost of the break or hider, or you can provide your own (no fee if you purchase the firearm from us).

We accept Money Orders, Personal Checks, Business Checks, and Cashier's Checks. We also accept Major Credit Cards for local sales, with a 3% additional charge. 6% Maryland sales tax applies to all in-state sales.